One idea 💡 + One pen 🖊 + Six months later = A Story

The idea of the "Unfallen World" came in 2019 after a conversation about, how the world would be today if Adam and Eve had never eaten from the forbidden fruit.

That thought pursued me for months, imagining the infinite possibilities that this fantastic world would have. I first started to write the story as an expository text, and little by little, I transitioned it into a narrative story, with characters, adventures, mysteries, and moments where the fiction overlaps the historic facts.

Before I started to write the story, I spent months researching documents and maps, to create the perfect scenario for this adventure.

I honestly, never know what is going to happen in the story. So, when I write, I let the story tell me what is going to happen.

Now, that the book is almost ready, I can't wait to share it with you!

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